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TLC Facility

We sold this facility in October 2005 to better focus on our spay/neuter programs — see our Winter 2006 newsletter for more info.

pic Our facility, known as the old Braun farm, is located southwest of Ann Arbor on Textile Road in Lodi Township.  The farmhouse is approximately 2,500 sq. ft.  The second floor provides living quarters for the resident caretaker.  The first floor provides workshop and meeting rooms in the front and shelters a colony of geriatric cats for our Older Cats for Older People program in the rear.  The farmhouse has barrier-free access, with paved parking near the front door.

pic This is a view of the rear of the farmhouse where the older cats are sheltered.  To the right is a 12-foot door wall exiting to a 400 sq. ft. deck,  extending to a small yard to the left.  These areas are securely cat-fenced to provide the cats with safe outdoor access and a varied array of resting and sleeping places.  Even in the dead of winter, with all the glass in this wall and its southern exposure, the shelter is bright, cheery and all that cats could ask for — short of having their own human companion.

pic This is a view of the barn, across the paved drive from the house.  This is a historic barn, built in the late 1800s.  Constructed of rough-hewn white oak timbers joined together with hand-cut mortise/tenon joints, it's a marvelous example of early Michigan barn construction.

We use the upper level of the barn for summer events and the lower level to house a colony of displaced feral cats from our Feral Colony Assistance program.  These cats are all spayed or neutered and made available as barn cats to farmers in the county.

At the rear of the barn (to the left in the photo) is a large corral which we've cat-fenced and is the "outdoor" area for these cats.  The large windows in the lower level provide for visitor viewing of the cats without disturbing or frightening them.

The 24-acre grounds contain a good mix of pasture, forest and wetland — an all-season creek flows through the east side of the property.  Wildlife is abundant — birds, mammals, amphibians and reptiles.  We plan to plant the pasture land with native prairie and, as time permits, provide visitor walking trails throughout the property.

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