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2017 Lower-Income Pet-Cat Spay/Neuter Program

We provide free‐and‐local spay/neuter assistance for low-income caregivers committed to the long-term care of their indoor companion cats.   Surgeries are done at participating vet clinics throughout central and northern New Mexico.

Application Process

To apply, simply call us and complete a brief telephone application.  If we can approve it, we’ll mail a voucher to you for each unfixed pet cat in your care — usually the very next working day.  We have no waiting list and process applications year‐round.  After you receive the voucher, you may schedule your appointment with any of our participating clinics.

Covered Services

Our vouchers pay the full cost for the following services — so if you have only these services performed, there is no cost to you.  (If you authorize additional work, it will be at your expense.)

Many (but not all) of our clinics will also include an FVRCP vaccination at time of surgery and treat your cat for visible parasites if any.

Voucher Expiration Date

We ask that you schedule the surgeries as soon as you receive your vouchers.  Although they carry an expiration date of 6 weeks from issuance, that is to give the clinic flexibility in scheduling.  After your voucher expires, you may still use it during its 30‐day grace period if the clinic needs more time to schedule you in or if your cat is pregnant or nursing or too sick or young to fix earlier.  After the grace period, the voucher expires absolutely and cannot be re‐issued.


To apply for our free‐and‐local spay/neuter vouchers you must be the head of your low‐income household and be providing lifetime indoor care for your pet cat.

For purposes of our application:

Reasons your application may be turned down include:

As a general rule, we cannot process applications for caregivers who do not fully cooperate with the application process, give us inconsistent, incomplete or erroneous information, have received vouchers before and did not use them or did not cooperate fully with the vet clinic, or no longer have the cats that were listed on earlier applications. 

Application Interview

During the interview, you’ll be asked for the following:

Application Timeframe

If you don’t receive your vouchers within a week of your application date, call us to find out why.  We’ve found the local postal service to be spotty and so they may have been lost in the mail.  And when we go to process an application, occasionally we run into questions or concerns and hold your application for clarification.  Rarely we receive an application we are not able to approve.  If this is the case with your application, we’ll explain why when you call to follow‐up and give you some suggestions of other ways to get your cat fixed.  In 2016 we received over 1,800 applications and 1,400 of them were approved so the odds are pretty good you’ll receive a voucher.


Since we are providing vouchers solely for indoor pet cats and we require that all cats in your home be fixed during the same voucher period, reapplication is generally unnecessary.  But — if you occasionally adopt a new cat you may reapply subject to the conditions listed above. 

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