Spay/Neuter Program Feedback

We received the voucher for spay and neuter of our Mickey and Minnie.  Can't thank you enough.  During this time of covid, as seniors, our income has been drastically reduced.  It's such a peace of mind to know that these two little kittens we found abandoned under our yucca will have good health care.  We have adopted them and they have brought such joy into our lives.  Thank you again and God bless you for what you are doing for these precious souls.
Marilyn, Socorro

Grayson Thank you for helping me get Grayson neutered!  I am a grad student for art therapy here in Santa Fe.  Money is super tight because i was a substitute teacher to make ends meet, but they closed tje schools lat March.  I am so appreciative that you were able to help out and I would love to make a per portrait for you if you like.
Christina, Santa Fe

Dear Kitty, Thank you so much for the voucher to spay our kitty, Gigi.  We so appreciate what you offer.  It is a wonderful help to many of us with lower revenue at this stage of our lives.  And a help for the community and ecosystem.  If you ever need assistance with your work, please feel free to contact me to volunteer.
Libby, Sapello

Little One Little One is home from her surgery and with her new family.  All were reescued from behind a motel.  Thank you very much.  She and the male on the left are playing like the best of buddies and even her sister on the right is acting like a kitten again.
William & Little One, Roswell

Jinjer Your foundation is a wonderful blessing.  Thank you for all that you do.
Jena & Jinjer, Rio Rancho
Note: Jinger is their 2nd cat fixed under our progam.  Their other cat, Blu, was fixed in 2012 and still enjoys their happy home.

Dear Zimmer Feline Foundation.  I took my cat, Consuelo, in on Monday and they did all that they're going to do.  It is her 3rd day and she is so happy and well.  I just want you to know that I am so thankful for you.
Jennie, Bernalillo

Susie Q Hello.  Here is Susie Q.  Thank you so much!!  You are a wonderful reminder of how much good there is in the world.  I know I'm a little late, but still...  Thank you again.. 
Alicia, Albuquerque

Thank You!!  My little gray kitty, Mika, thanks you very much for help to get spayed.  It was right on time because she went into heat 2 days before her appointment.  She is very wild and determined and would not keep her collar on, but her wound healed nicely anyway.  I really appreciate what you do and think that you are providing a wonderful service!  Thank you so much.
Susan, Roswell

Thank you so much for covering the costs of Chester's neutering, shots, microchip and parasite treatment.  Also thanks for your advice on how to introduce him to my other cat.  It is taking longer than I expected because my other cat just got sick.  (The vet thinks maybe the vaccinations I got him made him ill.)  The good news is I think he's getting better.  Unfortunately, Chester still has worms.  (The vet thinks he was pretty infected, so we will treat him again in 30 days.)  So even though Chester is in the crate more than he or I would like, I think he's pretty happy to be inside.  He loves being petted and cuddling next to me on the futon couch.  I've let him out in the bedroom he's in so he's not constantly in the crate.  He's interested in television and will watch it, but gets skittish if there's lots of noise on the show.  He's run into the crate a few times due to too many loud noises from the TV.  It was nice to know he sees the crate as his safe place.  Thank you again so much for your help.
Brittany, Edgewood

Thank you for the denutification voucher.  Little King Tut is running, jumping and purring again & not getting beat up.
Jean, San Ysidro

I am writing to thank you for the spay voucher for my kitten, Miss Honey.  She is in great health and recovered beautifully from her operation at Salazar Veterinary in Taos.  This gives me great peace of mind.  Thank you for helping make it possible.
Charlie, Taos

Thank you so much for approving vouchers to spay and neuter my three babies!  They are doing very well, and I love the improved aesthetics of the rear view of my boys!!  I am house-bound due to Lupus and Fibromyalgia, both of which made me allergic to the sun: one minute of sun exposure earns me 6 very painful hours in bed.  So, even though I did not want inside cats, my half-wild Momma cat truly blessed me with these guys!  They are so much entertainment and comfort to me: stroking their fur seems to help me feel better!!  Anyway, thank you, so much!!
Beverly, Veguita

THANK YOU for our voucher to get Sonic❤️ neutered  We appreciate your help and when we get some (more) money, we'll donate it to your organization.  Keep up the good work and I will post your flyer at work.
Susanna, Albuquerque

A success!  Quill was spayed on Aug. 8 and has fully recovered.  Thank you for this possibility.  Your help has lightened my load immensely.  Valley Vet is the place "to go".  Such remarkable people and care.  Thank you so much. 
Linda, Farmington

To all who make this Foundation possible:  I can't thank you enough for your kind generosity by helping me out with my four little kittens.  They just had their surgeries and are doing great.  You truly made all of this possible.  God bless you for the work you do!  And a big thanks from my kittens: Luna, Django, Inky and Ozzy.  THANK YOU!
Donna, Veguita

Dear Ms. Zimmer.  Just wanted to let you know that my little Angel is doing great and to say "Thank You" for "loving" Kitties each and "every day".
Jessica, Moriarty

I just wanted to thank you on behalf of my rescue kittens, Baby 1 & Baby 2, for helping to get them Spay/Neutered as well as their Shots.  Special thanks from this Veteran.
Lou, Santa Fe

Thank you so much for your generous donation towards my cat's well-being.  Your generosity is so appreciated.  Noche's neuter went very well at Gruda Veterinary Hospital.  He's a happy guy and much more content.  Many blessings for your work!
Sheila, Cerrillos

A heartfelt thank you from my Mama-Kitty and her two female kittens, plus myself.  They are sweet, and living on disability insurance as a fixed income made spaying them all an issue...  You've been a Godsend & God Bless!
Lynne, Datil

Cat family Thanks so much!  One card can never be enough to say Thank You for helping us with our cats.  We are looking at a long healthy life with them.  Again, Thank You.
Sylvia, Edgewood

Angel/Avenged Thank you Zimmer Feline Foundation.  We love our kitten.  Thank you for paying for him to be neutered.  When we got him at 4 weeks old, he had a severe case of Ringworm.  It cost us a lot (for us) to get him better.  He's nearly grown now and beloved. 
Marian, Los Alamos

Sissy/Bubba Thank you so much for your recent help with our two kittens, Sissy and Bubba.  Doctor Duncan did a good job and we are all so grateful.  May your holidays be full of blessings and joy for all the good you do for cat lovers who wish to give loving homes to their pets.  The financial assistance was very appreciated as our household took a hard hit last winter when Brett broke his neck and can no longer work.  Again, many thanks to you.
Brett & Dianne, Datil

Blue Just wanted to say thanks!  Got our voucher yesterday and he's at the vet now.  Blue showed up at our doorstep and we fell in love.  Now we can feel better about keeping our love inside with us forever.  Thanks!
Salesse, Albuquerque

Kitties Thank you for helping me spay/neuter Papi, Jaylo, Smokey and Bootsie.  Happy kitties in Catron County.
Marilyn, Quemado

Thank you so much for the voucher.  We appreciate it more than you know.
Angela, Aztec

My husband and I wish to express our deep appreciation for your service in recently covering the cost of spaying our two female sibling kittens.  My husband (always an animal lover) is 82, has COPD and Macular Degeneration, and delights in their napping in his lap.  (They are wonderful therapy too!)  They are entirely in-house kitties; owls and other predators are in the area, and we do not want our babies to become victims.  Again, we greatly appreciate your organization and its assistance with these babies.  Thank you.
Carnita, Mountainair

Glorieta Kitten Mob "Dear Kitty (what an appropriate name!): Thank you so much for your generous assistance with our beloved kitten mob!  I have always been a one-cat girl, but seeing, touching & caring for this sweet litter of kittens every day since they were born was much more of a bonding experience than I expected — they are our sweet little family (we have no children) and I love them sooooo much I (we) couldn't bear parting with them (especially after people kept asking if we "got rid of them" yet !?!)  We realized that our home was the best & safest place for them.  Our house is filled with joy, love & delight every single day ❤️  Thank you again for your kindness. With respect and so much gratitude."
Sandra, Daniel & Uncle Jetson (our big black cat who also loves them dearly), Glorieta

Oso & Sylvester "Hi, Kitty.  You helped us pay for the neutering of our 2 kittens several months ago.  They are growing up and I wanted to send you a photo of them I took a couple of nights ago.  Thanks again so much!"
Cindy, Oso & Sylvester, Ocate

"Thank you so very much for the cat vouchers.  I certainly do appreciate them.  Cat problem solved.  Bless you good people."
Dannette, Miami

Bagheera "I want to thank you for your help in spaying my beloved companion.  I love her and hope to have her many years.  Your organization is the best!  Thanks again! ❤️
Alicia & Bagheera, Belen

Syl-Oso "Greetings.  Just wanted to say thank you for making it possible for our kittens to get neutered.  Photo of them atached when they were babies - Slyvester and Oso.  Again, thank you."
Cindy, Sylvester & Oso, Ocate

"Hi Kitty. I want to thank you.  GG was spayed yesterday and she is doing well.  What a wonderful foundation you have and GG and I are grateful from the bottom of our kitty-lovin' hearts!
Karen & GG (Lizzie as well), Santa Fe

Miss Kitty "Thank you very much for helping me help Miss Kitty. Your foundation and your heart for these felines is a great blessing for all of us you have shared it with. Thank you and enjoy the holidays."
Tonya, Rio Rancho

Curry "Thank you for helping us fix Curry - the friskiest, funniest favorite 4-legged friend we LOVE!!
Shiloh, Socorro

"Thank you so much for your help and service for our cat, Ozzie Bernard.  We appreciate the Zimmer Feline Foundation! 
Julie, Pecos

"Thank you for the vouchers for our two kitty cat girls.  The support is greatly appreciated.  Thank you very much. 
Ron & Paddy, Eagle Nest

"Michi and I thank you so very much!!!  Many blessings to you always... 
Irasema & Michi, Las Vegas

"We received your vouchers to have these 2 kitties spayed.  Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity and for your care.  We will always remember it!" 
Sally and Larry, Estancia

"The voucher you sent was greatly appreciated.  Peppermint was spayed in March.  Very loving little cat.  I'm happy I was able to rescue and keep her." 
Patricia, Las Vegas

"Our heartfelt thanks for your help for our Delila.  She is doing great and I am happy to say she is even more affectionate now than she had been.  God bless you a million times!"
Alicia and Kathi, Santa Fe

"For your kindness and generosity, we thank you.  Runty, Rusty. Squawkes."
Ruth, Raton

"Thank you for your recent financial assistance.  We are very grateful.  Our Kitty Cole is improving daily."
Donna, Belen

"Thank you Zimmer Feline Foundation for all that you have done for me and my girls (Shelly, Charlie and Princess).  I couldn't have gotten them neutered.  My girls are fully healed and some of their tummy hair is coming back and their love of treats has gone up.  P.S. My Girls say Hi (Meow)"
Tom, Albuquerque

"Dear Zimmer Feline Foundation:  Thank you for paying for my two "boys", Tiger and Larry, to be neutered.  The Salazar Vet Clinic did a great job.  I did follow through with a vaccination booster.  Thanks again.  I love cats too!"
Susan, Taos

Thank you for your assistance in helping me to get my three-month-old kittens, Gray & Bruiser (a sister/brother pair) spayed & neutered & vaccinated.  I took them today to the spay/neuter clinic in Santa Fe & my (& my kittens) experience was superb.  These little cats were born (along with their brood) in my driveway on August 14th, just two weeks after I moved from Missouri to Las Vegas, NM.  I adopted out their siblings & mama, but these two stole my heart.  Your help allows me to ensure their health & wellness for years to come.  Again, sincere thanks.
Lauren, Las Vegas

"Thank you so much for the vouchers allowing me to have Frosty and Cinnamon spayed.  An acquaintance of mine was looking for a calico cat, so I let her take Callie.  I, of course, did not use that voucher.  I appreciate the help from the Zimmer Foundation.  This spaying will make my two cats much better pets and much healthier.  Thank you again."
Clara, Edgewood

"To Zimmer Foundation: Romeo and I would like to thank you very much for taking care of his neutering and rabies shot.  Thank you so much for the help."
Peggy, Santa Fe

Henry "I wanted to thank you for helping us neuter Henry.  As I told you, Henry was a stray kitten that was tangled up in a bush.  He was severely dehydrated, malnourished and had ringworm.  Now he is a happy healthy house cat.  I want to acknowledge the exemplary care we received at Mesa Vista Veterinary Hospital."
Nikki, Raton

Munchkin "Just wanted to send a note of thanx, once again, to your wonderful organization.  On the 16th of this month, my female, Munchkin, went to the vet to get fixed, which, I myself would not of been able to afford.  I just wanted to send a photo of Munchkin, to be added to your website.  She is doing wonderful, resting and taking it a little easy, since her operation 2 days ago.  A week ago, her big brother, went to the vet under your Acute Care program.  He had broken his front leg, but it is healing wonderfully, and he also doing fine.  Here is a picture of Munchkin.  Once again, thank you for everything.  Without your help I would still be wondering what was wrong with Spunshine - and Munchkin would be having (sometime) babies.   Many thanx."
Karen, Los Lunas

"If it helps to know someone cares, I do.  With much appreciation and love.  For Midnight, Fedra and Paddington,"
Wanda, Los Lunas

“We had our cat, Snowflake, spayed at Valencia Animal Clinic here in Belen.  She is doing well and is very happy and comfortable.  Thank you very much for the voucher.”
Marie and James, Belen

"Your support was greatly appreciated.  In the financial condition I was in toward the end of last year and the beginning of this, I would not have been able to afford to spay my cat, Ms. Kitty.  I heard of your program through an aunt of mine.  And we just happened to have a 6-month-old cat that had yet to be spayed.  Through the Zimmer Feline Foundation, we were able to have Ms. Kitty spayed.  The procedure went well and our baby cat was only drowsy for one day.  She came back to her senses and is now happy and active as ever.  Thanks again for your help.  It supports a great cause and I will let others know about it."
Josh, Rancho de Taos

Fuzzy "Thank you for your generosity and love of cats.  We appreciate your thoughtfulness and we are so thankful for your help in assisting us with the much needed vouchers.  CC, Fuzzy, Tiger and PF send their thanks.  (Fuzzy shown.)"
Joe, Sapello

Socorro Cat "Bless your heart for all the wonderful things you do for the kitties!  Thank you especially for helping ours!"
Tricia, Socorro

"Maximillian Cornelius "Little Max" and I are very grateful for your generosity.  Thank you Zimmer Foundation!"
Lisa, Santa Fe

Brucie "Brucie says thanks!"
Prescilla, Polvadera

Child w/ kitten "We wanted to thank you for the wonderful work you are doing in preventing more unwanted cats.  We rescued 4 feral kittens from a garage.  They were completely feral — had never been touched by a human.  My sons cared for them and gave them so much love that no one would ever know these cats didn't like to be touched and would hiss at us just a few months ago.  My husband and I intended to get the cats fixed, but after an injury he wasn't able to get any overtime which is how we planned to pay for the procedure,  So you really helped us and we want to say thank you!"
Desiree, Lamy

"Thank you for the vouchers to get our two kitties fixed.  They're doing great,  Thank you for all the work that you do."
Suzi, Edgewood

Gizmo "Thank you so much for fixing Gizmo.  I hung up your poster at Tractor Supply in Raton."
Patricia, Maxwell

"Dear Zimmer Foundation.  It is with much gratitude and thanks I write this card.  The voucher I received for my cats (my 'kids') saved the day.  Someday, "financially" I would gladly donate to this wonderful foundation that "truly" cares.  Thank you again."
Mary, Los Lunas

Snowy "Thank you Zimmer Feline Foundation.  From Breanna and Snowy."
Tomacita, Belen

"Just to thank you for your help with my Sparky.  We have adopted him and also were glad to find a very nice vet at Animal Wellness.  Very caring.  Many thanks."
Sandra, Santa Fe

"Thank you so much for the voucher to fix Little Bob.  These summer residents bring out unwanted town cats to keep their mice population down.  Then they leave and the cats are at the mercy of predators.  I put your poster up at the PMS/Catron County Clinic."
Rosa, Datil

"My little Seamus was neutered today at the Animal Wellness clinic.  Thank you for the voucher which made this possible.  It is people like you that make this world a better place."
Constance, Santa Fe

Jingles "Thank you so much for helping us fix our cats, Milo, Jingles and Zenna.  They are definitely part of our family.  They all came out great.  Thank you.  I have shown the vouchers to a lot of people here so hopefully they take advantage of it.  Thank you again."
Brenda, Raton

CoPilot “Thanks for your help.  It was really difficult for me to make this decision.  The turning point came when Boo — the neighbor’s cat (1-1/2 years, 18 pounds) — showed up with lacerated ear and cat fight gashes on all fore legs My decision to spay her was to eliminate the fuel from these cat fights.  She was never outside unescorted except twice in the last eight years.  Thanks again from me, CoPilot and the boy cats in the neighborhood  (Boo was neutered shortly thereafter.)”
Michael Santa Fe

“Good Morning I’m writing to thank you very much for enabling my kitten to get neutered. Turned out she was still in her first heat. But all is well and I’m grateful for your assistance. Hoping all cats get neutered — wouldn’t that be wonderful! Thanks again.”
Colleen, Santa Fe

“Zimmer Foundation.  I want to thank you for helping with my cat.  My Sparkle had surgery on March 28th and is doing well.  Thank you again!  God bless you!”
Lena, Penasco

“The vouchers for Midnight and Mittens came the day after I talked to you!!!  I bought a cat carrier at Look What The Cat Dragged In in Santa Fe yesterday.  Thank you!!  What a relief to have their well-being set up and provided for.  I am most grateful.  My kitties and I send you love and light for all that you’re doing for our communities this way.  Thanks again.
Midnight and Mittens & Diane, Tres Piedres

"Thank you so much for your help.  We thank you that we have healthy cats that we don’t have to worry about any more."  God bless you.”
Sissy, Bubba, Bob, Cutey Pie, Only & Jerry and Grace, Jarales

cat "Just wanted to send you a thank you for helping me alter my little family.  Everyone has been done now and we don't have to worry about more babies!  Thanks again"
Jan, Los Lunas

cat “Thank you so much for the work you do.
Tomas T. Cat"
Nora, Rancho de Taos

"Thank you ever so much for helping me spay and give shots to my precious Emma, Lillian and Coco Coco.  Your good deeds mean a great deal to all three of us."
Jeanne, Las Vegas

cat "We wanted to say thank you to the for helping both my kitties Patches and Sheba who we thought was female turned out to be male and now known as Stitch♥♡ .  They got treated and are now happy and healthy."
Miquella, Santa Fe

"Thank you for the wonderful program that enabled me to adopt both my beautiful cats."
Betty, San Acacia

cat "Attached are some pictures of our bundle of joy, Rosa.  She is a handful, but such a delight.  She will be spayed on September 3rd.  Thanks Zimmer Foundation for making this all possible.  Since we didn't think we would be able to catch her again, we kept her in the house.  After a week, Rosa made herself at home.  She has now become a member of the family and is giving our 2 adult feral cats a run for their money... she will continue to live indoors..."
Patti, Datil

"I want to thank you for your wonderful organization.  Because of your help, I will be able to give Jasper a better life.  He was scruffy, scared and living outdoors.  But he’s very friendly and allowed us to pet him and feed him.  Now he is neutered and living indoors and getting lots of attention!  Thank you for your awesome foundation!"
Samantha, Los Alamos

cat "Wanted to say Thank You for the vouchers!  Here is a pic of one of the cats (Belle) that I had spayed with the help of your program!!!"
Kathryn, Las Vegas

"There are no words to express my gratitude for your spay/neuter vouchers for the cats of Socorro.  Our shelter can fill up very quickly with cats/kittens, and many citizens are cat-lovers but have little income to pay the adoption fees.  Last year we saw an increase in our adoptions when your vouchers became available.  The battle to control the over-population of cats is constant, but I feel extremely hopeful we will reduce the number of unwanted animals with your generous help.  Thank you so much."
Jill, Socorro

"I deeply appreciate your granting me three vouchers to have Marengo, Pie and Gray neutered.  One day, when I am in a more properous financial situation, I would like to reimburse your foundation for all the generous assistance you have given me — but more importantly, those blessed feline angels who have come into my life.  May God bless you for all the efforts that your foundation has made toward stemming the tide of unwanted and homeless pets."
Leland, Las Vegas

cat colony "I would like to thank you very much for helping me with my cat colony.  I was able to get about 6 cats spayed and neutered in the past two months.  That is certainly a boost in helping to control the cat population here in my area."
Larry, Estancia

"YEA!!!  Thank you so very much.  We would not have been able to keep this kitty without this help!"
Anella, Datil

“Thank you for helping me to get Sam neutered.  This was a big help to us.  Thank you again for the help and for all your organization does to help cats.”
Mary Ann, Edgewood

"Thank you for your help for my kitty, Pudding.  Thank you too!  God Bless!"
Lena, Penasco

"Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you!!  My kids had their spay/neuter thanks to you.  This literally came in the nick of time.  Merry Christmas!"
Judy, Santa Fe

"Thank you so much.  This is very kind of you to do this for all these cats.  And for myself and Loopy, I cannot thank you enough."
Irene, Santa Fe

"Thank you for helping and paying with your foundation the neuter and the rabies vaccinations of my cats.  Taco, Taquito and Burrito are at home and well."
Lucaiano, Santa Fe

"Words cannot express my gratitude for your gifts that you have given to the people of Socorro.  We have a high percentage of low-income people who love their cats, but cannot afford to spay/neuter them.  You have given us so much hope in the battle against cat overpopulation.  Thank you, thank you and thank you."
Jill, Socorro

"I want to extend to you my heartfelt gratitude for the assistance you have so generously given me in the matter of spaying and neutering at least thirteen feral and non-feral cats over the course of the past two years.  Without that assistance, those cats would still be living outdoors and roaming the neighborhood and quite naturally, proliferating new babies.  Please know that I am grateful and congratulate you for the fine and noble efforts you make daily on behalf or our four-legged friends, if I may speak in their behalf."
Leland, Las Vegas

"To all the angels at the Zimmer Foundation, I want to express my sincerest gratitude for helping out all the people that cannot afford to spay or neuter their cats.  Without you the feline population would be lost.  I just recently had my cats spayed and neutered and being that I just lost my income, you appeared like a miracle to save me.  Eternally grateful,"
Sarah, Edgewood

"My Minnie-Winnie was spayed yesterday at Gruda Veterinary Hospital.  Doctor Kimberly Haston and staff did a good job.  Thank you so much for the voucher!"
Patricia, Santa Fe

"Just some words to express my heartfelt thanks for your amazing foundation and for all the great work you do.  I truly appreciated your help in getting my friends' 2 cats spayed and it is with your outstanding generosity that they will now continue to live healthy and happy lives."
Jennifer, Santa Fe

"Thank you.  Your vouchers really help reduce the stress of being moma to my furry friends and allow space for the joy of it all.  Much gratitude."
Sienna, Tesuque

"Recently I had my 3 kittens, Frank, Grey Fellow and Ali spayed and neutered at the Animal Wellness Center with 3 of your coupons.  They are fine and very healthy.  As a lower income resident (significantly under $20,000 annually), I felt greatly relieved to get all three taken care of before little Ali (the black and white kitten) went into heat.  They can now freely enjoy running, jumping, and climbing trees in the yard while I work in my garden.  I also need not worry when they are inside during my days at work.  Thank you.  I will continue to tell friends and always gratefully hold you in my heart.  Please understand you change lives with each coupon you give."
Mary, Santa Fe

"The trap worked great.  The blanket over the trap was very helpful.  I look forward to getting her home again.  They were very nice at the Shelter.  Very impressive foundation you run.  The information you sent was very helpful."
Lisa, Santa Fe

Coleena "Thank you for helping us to have a healthier and safer life.  By paying for us to get a rabies shot and then spays and neuters, you've ensured we are happier cats.  It takes someone special to help animals like you do.  Thanks!"
Bella, Buster & Coleena, Moriarty