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Companion Cat Veterinary Care Assistance

“From the deepest place in my heart, I thank you for providing for Malaika’s veterinary care when she was ill.  She is now 100% better. I don’t care to think about what I would have done without your help.” – Karen, Santa Fe

Who We Help

If you have a cat permanently in your care as your lifelong companion pet and need financial help to get minor, non‐emergency veterinary care, we may be able to help.  To start the process, simply call us during our weekday business hours to fill out a brief telephone application.

Application Process

The telephone application is the same as for our spay/neuter voucher program, but we process it while you are on the phone and, if you are eligible, we’ll ask you to complete the application by texting us a photo (1) of your New Mexico food stamp eligibility notice or EBT card and (2) a photo of your cat.

We’ll text back to you a copy of our program guidelines and you will then be authorized to set up an appointment with a participating clinic pursuant to them.

Covered Services

Our veterinary care vouchers can be used to treat minor non‐emergency illnesses or injuries costing less than $600 overall to diagnose and treat — with our voucher paying no more than $300.

Excluded Services Include:

  • Major veterinary procedures costing more than $600 — a written treatment plan may be needed to assess this,
  • Common cat ailments that are manageable with over‐the‐counter products,
  • Dental procedures,
  • Chronic care services,
  • Wellness exams,
  • Caregiver‐requested euthanasia,
  • Services and supplies not involved directly in the treatment of the injury or illness,
  • Care for any cats in households with more than one sick or injured cat simultaneously needing treatment,
  • Work done or paid for before the voucher is issued, and
  • Work started more than 10 days after the application is submitted.
  • Caregiver Eligibility

    To qualify you must meet all of the eligibility requirements of our spay/neuter program and – in addition – the head of the household must be a New Mexico food stamp recipient.  And you or anyone in your household may not have sought veterinary help from us before as this is a one‐cat, one‐household, one‐treatment program.

    Cat Eligibility

    Your cats must meet all the eligibility requirements of our spay/neuter program and – in addition ‐ already be sterilized or be at a clinic redeeming one of our spay/neuter vouchers at the same time the health issue is treated.


    Caregiver and Clinic use of our vouchers is governed by these guidelines which are subject to change without notice.  Our liability is limited solely to payment for the work as provided on the Veterinary Care Voucher.

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