Veterinary Care Assistance Program Feedback

Qui-Gon [eye infection]  "Thank you Mrs. Zimmer for everything you have done!  Thanks to The Lord and to you, Qui-Gon is well and happy again!  God bless you and the zimmer-foundation!"
Mark, Mountainair

kato [leg wound]  "We are each spending the holidays with a new friend — thanks in no small measure to your kindness.  With grateful hearts..."
Larry & Kato, Estancia

Little Joe [illness]  "Thank you for all your support with Little Joe in getting checked out.  I’m feeding him separately from the other 2 cats I have.  His blood work was fine.  Thanks again!"
Kim, Taos

Bubba [bite wound]  "I would like to thank you for your kindness and generosity of spirit.  You were a calm, caring & helpful voice when I (& my cat) really needed it.  We are both doing very well now & that is in a big part due to your & your compassion."
Juliana, Santa Fe

Baby [cyst surgically removed from neck]  "Baby and I want to thank you so much for yoiur help. God bless you for all you did for us."
MaryAnn, Santa Fe

Malaika [acute vomiting]  "From the deepest place in my heart, I thank you for providing for Malaika's veterinary care when she was ill.  She is now 100% better.  I don't care to think about what I would have done without your help.  Thank you for everything you do to help not only me and my companion, but for all cats."
Karen, Santa Fe

Sugg [bladder infection]  "Attached is my mediaid card and ebt card.  The fax number at the Salazar Vet Clinic is 575-737-0874.  They said they will see Suggi right away at 2:45 or as soon as I come.  THANK YOU VERY MUCH.  GOD BLESS YOUR HEART AND YOUR MINISTRY."
Karen, Taos

Spunshine [broken leg]  "Spunshine is doing Great.  We went to his appt, and found that his "wrist" had in fact, been broken.  However, it was already in the healing process, so they gave him a shot to ease some of the pain, and gave me medicine to make sure he doesn't get an infection in it while its healing, that I have to give to him for 5 days (orally), then call them back to give an update, and they will tell me to start up the medicine again, after a few days.  So, the clinic (Valencia Animal Clinic, Belen, NM) already called to check on Spunshine yesterday; and told me to call them if his condition goes downward at all or just to let them know how he is.  Once again, I want to thank you and your Organzation for the help.  A huge load is off my mind just knowing, even though his wrist was broken, that it is in the healing stages, and that he is going to be okay."
Karen, Los Lunas

Scrambleh [bone-shattered leg]  "I, Marshall P, would like to thank you again for footing the vet bill for Scrambles.  He is doing excellent currently, even with the missing leg.  You really helped us out immensely in our time of need and we love our pets like family members.  Thank you again, you are the best!  I have included a picture of Scrambles.  You can see the vet did a very good job of fixing and sewing him up."
Marshal, Estancia

Sparky [puncture wounds]  "Thank you for helping Sparky out.  My baby is doing much better.  I truly appreciate your help!  Thank the God of the Heavens you are willing to help!"
Mary, Santa Fe

Dollar Bil [growth removal]  "Hello Mrs Kitty Zimmer.  I just wanted to thank you one more time for your amazing blessing.  Dollar Bill has been seen at the vet — he had surgery and is on his was way to being back to 100percent.  God Bless you and yours for your wonderful gift!  Have a wonderful evening."
Marci, Aluquerque

Booboo [diarea/vomiting]  "I'm so blessed to have found about your kind services for our cats.  Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts.  Booboo is doing a lot better since we left Gruda Animal Hospital.  Tests were negative Yay...  So she got antibiotic and prescription food to help with nausea and was sent home.  Over at Gruda, Boobboo got dewormed, an IV and nausea medication.  Thank you, thank you, my family knows now she is ok.  Means so much during Christmas.  Merry Christmas from my family to yours."
Anita, Santa Fe

Thor [upper respiratory]  "If you can help, we appreciate it so much!  Let me know if you need anything else.  Thank you from the bottom of my little/big heart... 17-year-old Thor."
Twila, Santa Fe

Corolla [lip growth]  "Corolla was so small when he was dumped that I don't believe he was weaned yet.  To this day he will sit on my lap and suckle his right front paw.  He is so precious.  He will push his head against my chin and I give him a kiss too.  I just wanted to share.  Thank you again.  God bless you."
Dion, Moriarty

Princess [mouth]I  "I cannot thank you enough for what your kindness means to me and my Princess.  We all love her, but I'm the one who she calls her lap-human."
Jim, Santa Fe

Chaco [mouth]  "It has been about a week since Chaco’s surgery and she is doing very well.  We are so grateful for your generosity which allowed us to provide Chaco with much needed dental care.  You also helped us keep Chaco in our care/home.  She has brought us so much joy and we’re happy that she is no longer in pain.  Blessings."
Andrea and Jenni, Santa Fe

Lisa [seizure]  "Thank You, to the Zimmer Feline Foundation and the Four Corners Animal League :)  My cat Lisa had a seizure three weeks after giving birth to her six kittens.  I was not able to pay for her care at a vet alone and thanx to these wonderful organizations.  I was able to get Lisa the care that she needed. Lisa's seizure was brought about from a lack of calcium and slight dehydration.  Lisa is a special part of my family and we would all be so sad without her, especially her kittens.  Thank you again for your contribution in keeping Lisa and her kittens healthy and safe."
Cleo, Taos

cat [abcess]  "Thank you so very much.  I can not explain how thankful I am for you and your foundation for helping me.  I pick my little guy up around 5pm — I will email you his picture then."
Shauna, Raton

Annie [dog attack]  "Thank you again for helping me get Annie's tail removed safely.  This is a picture of Annie from this morning in her safe place at the top of the closet.  God bless you for all your good work!!!"
Noah, El Prado

Nena [dental]  "Nena's dental surgery was a success.  She recovered without any problems and seems to be healing well.  She was diagnosed with resorptive lesions which caused her considerable pain.  Seven extractions were made.  Two teeth were very loose and came out almost by themselves.  Without surgery she would develop absesses and osteomyelitis of the jaw.  Now she seems so much better.  I had to fight off tears when Dr. Redd brought her out to me.  Please tell me how I can go about placing your brochures around town and anything else I can do to help your cause.  Ever so grateful for your kind support."
Clare, Santa Fe

Mittens [post-surgical infection]  "Thank you.  I just received a call that Mittens underwent a successful surgery and will be ready to pick up after 4:00.  I appreciate your assistance."
Patricio, Arroyo Seca

King [broken leg]  "Thank you so so much my family and I really appreciate all your help especially in hard times like this.  I will post flyers in areas that will benefit most.  Thanks."
Kesha, Santa Fe

Tessa "I ended up using Valencia Animal Clinic in Belen on Saturday.  I took Tessa down in the morning and after examination they wanted to make an appointment to have the cyst removed.  I explained I could only come on Saturdays, and even though they don't do surgery on weekends, they took immediate action and removed it anyhow.  They were so nice to me and my cat and I certainly could not have helped her without your foundation's help.  Tessa is healing nicely and is expected to live out the remainder of her life normally!  Thanks again,"
Melissa, Los Lunas

Princess “With many blessings to you! With love and appreciation.”
Princess. Theresa and Manuel, Taos NM

Kitty "When my cat was taken from the steps by a 4-pack of running dogs, I knew he was dead.  They had a tug of war with him and he had extensive injuries from about his waist down.  It required a night in the hospital, suture, clean up and shave antibiotics and about a month of rehab.  He had strips of hair ripped out of his back that won't grow back.  By the grace of God, I called Animal Wellness Center and they said that you had just started a program to help pay for people that can't.  Without you, I would have had to put him down and that's costly too.  He is only about 8 years old.  His name is Kitty also and with my faith in God he led me to an angel like you that cares enough to help animals that depend on us and love us unconditionally as God states."
Donna, Pecos

Sylvester "Sylvester is approximately 7 years old.  Everything went well yesterday.  We were given pain medication and antibiotics for Sylvester.  Thank you so much for your help.  We are eternally grateful.  God bless you."
Sativa, Santa Fe