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Animal Welfare Coalition of Northeastern New Mexico

Project Start Date: October 2014

Project End Date: Ongoing

The Animal Welfare Coalition contacted us in 2014 to ask if they could refer San Miguel County feral cat caregivers to us to receive vouchers for free spay/neuter.  They had been providing free feral cat TNR during most of 2014 but their ASPCA grant had been spent and they weren’t eligible for additional funding until 2015.  Since our voucher program isn’t open to feral cats because of the complications in keeping pre‐scheduled appointments with our participating vet clinics when cats need to be livetrapped, we suggested instead that we provide them with the funding they needed to continue their work.  They were working with several colony caregivers and had the traps and expertise necessary to bring the cats safely to their vet appointments.

From October 2014 through Decenber 2016, AWC has live‐trapped almost 700 feral cats and driven them to the Santa Fe Humane Society Spay/Neuter Clinic where they were sterilized and vaccinated for rabies.  And they appear to be on target to do another 360 cats during 2017.

With the combination of their TNR program and our in‐place low‐income pet cat spay/neuter program, northeastern New Mexico has all the resources it needs to maintain a balanced cat population.



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