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Taos Feral Feline Friends

Project Start Date: June 2015

Project End Date: November 2015

Taos New Mexico is known for its beautiful mountains and fine art galleries — but if you visit and look a bit closer, you’ll see the beauty of its naturally-occurring cat colonies too.  And there’s good reason for this as Taos feral cats have an organization — Taos Feral Feline Friends — dedicated to their care by mentoring their in-place caregivers and providing them with free spay/neuter assistance to limit the size of their colonies.

In addition — when they find feral cats that are living at risk because of injury, illness or inappropriate location, they bring them to their cage-free casita shelter to sanctuary — or place as barn cats — depending on the cat.

To top this off — they even provide free spay/neuter, vaccinations and viral testing for stray cats that compassionate people find on the street and want to make their pets.

We’re happy to provide funding for a program this important to the welfare of Taos unowned cats.

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