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McKinley County Humane Society

Non-Profit Spay/NeuterStart Date: June 2015 — End Date: Ongoing

"The feline sterilization program you have provided us has allowed us to sterilize hundreds of cats for people who could not pay for this service themselves.  For the first time in thitry years, we were not flooded with litters of kittens in the spring.  We know this was due to your program."
Clinton K. Balok, DVM, McKinley County Humane Society

We were contacted in early June 2015 by the McKinley County Humane Society in Gallup, New Mexico because they were trying to better help the cats in their area — including the feral cats — but lacked the funding to do so.  They have a shelter clinic to do the surgeries that is open a few days a week.

We initially offered to extend our voucher program to them, but realized that wouldn’t work as many of the residents have no phone service and we rely on the phone to take our applications.  With a per capita income of under $10,000, McKinley County is one of the poorest counties in the United States.  And many of the clinic’s clients live on the Ramah Navaho Reservation or the Zuni Pueblo.

So we worked out an alternate arrangement where the clinic provides us with a listing of the caregivers and the cats they service and we rely on their report to approve payments.  Best of all, the clinic clients can now have their cats fixed and vaccinated for rabies without being charged a co‐pay — through October 2019, 3453 cats have been fixed, free to their caregivers!  To contact the clinic, call 505-863-2616.