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Santa Fe Humane Society
Gatos de Santa Fe Feral Cat TNR Program

Project Start Date: November 2016

Project End Date: Month-to-Month

We learned in mid-November that the Gatos de Santa Fe program's grant funding had lapsed making it difficult for the Santa Fe Humane Society to continue providing free TNR sevices for feral cats in Santa Fe County until new grants are issued.

Since this is a very valuable service to the community cats of Santa Fe and highly complementary to our low-income pet cat voucher service, we offered to provide interim funding to last until their new grants are issued so their TNR program could continue without interruption.

They have a nicely-equipped trapping van that allows for safe transport to and from their spay/neuter clinic and an employee who oversees their trapping.  With the added funding, they're positioned to fix a lot of cats before the spring kitten season begins.  And — with fewer kittens being born — those that are stand a whole lot better chance of being socialized and adopted out as indoor companion pets.  What a greaat way to begin 2017!

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