Community Outreach Program Feedback

[George's Fund] "It meant a great deal to have your support with the cost of spaying our little Sombrecita — the little black cat who hides under the decks of our complex and who has generated at least six! litters of kittens. She seems to be doing well after her surgery — although I think she is now wise to my trapping methods. Thank you and bless you for your efforts on behalf of feral cats."
Susan, Rociada

"I want to thank you again for your generous support of our mission of providing second chances to cats in need."
Feline & Friends NM, Santa Fe

"Happy New Year!  This finishes up 2019 for AWC.  We did about 225 cats this year.  Thanks so much for making this possible!"
Animal Welfare Coalition, Las Vegas

"Can't thank you enough for the continued partnership!"
McKinley County Humane Society, Gallup

"Thank you so much for your ongoing support of our TNR program." 
Animal Humane New Mexico, Albuquerque

"Thank your so much for sponsoring the 54-cat spay-neuter clinic for Taos.  Clinic attendees were very grateful and so am I.  I'll continue to spread the word about the Zimmer Feline Foundation."
Planned Pethood, Taos

"I look out for a cat colony in the alley behind my house.  Most of the cats have been neutered and spayed thanks to monies received by Martha Price (our local Animal Welfare Coalition) from I believe your foundation.  I want to report that in addition to the management of reproduction, the health if this colony has improved considerably and I believe there is a peacefulness now that was not evident when I first became involved.  I would say the morale and the spirits of these cats have been uplifted, tremendously so.  You guys make a huge difference in the lives of these beautiful cats and in the lives of people like me who help watch out for them.  Thank you and blessings beyond measure!"
Carmela, Las Vegas