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2020 Pet Cat Voucher Programs

Veterinary Clinic Registration

Welcome to the veterinary clinic section of our web site.  If you are a licensed veterinary clinic located in north or central New Mexico and are considering participating in our voucher programs (spay/neuter and veterinary care assistance), just fill out the registration form attached and return it to us for processing.  We’ll be happy to work with you to provide essential veterinary care for the many lower‐income households in our state.  In 2019, 32 full‐service and nonprofit clinics serviced over 1,700 cats for us through our voucher programs.

If you read through our information, you’ll find that our spay/neuter focus is not on reducing the cat population — as important as that goal may be — but on pet cat retention.  We feel that helping cats maintain their caring, loving homes is an under-utilized means for reducing both shelter intakes and feral cat populations.

Voucher eligibility is based on income (under $50K/year) but also on home adherence to essential cat-care principles.  To qualify the caregiver must be committed to the life care of their cat(s) as indoor companion pets — and we work only in homes with 4 or fewer cats.  Why?  Because we believe that these are the cats that stand the best chance of living out their natural lives in a forever home once they are sterilized.

(It’s worth noting that we also help socialized outdoor cats, provided they are given dry shelter and daily food and daily access to the caregiver's home.  We help feral and exclusively outdoor cats also, but do this outside our voucher programs by partnering with nonprofit clinics — see our (Community Cat Outreach program.)

We think the nicest part of focusing on companion cats is that it allows us to offer them the same services that clinics offer their private clients.  Our voucher covers a pre‐surgery exam, the sterilization (including spay, pregnant, in‐heat, neuter and cryptorchid), a rabies shot and pain medication.

For those clinics who wish to provide more — we can also cover a microchip, FVRCP shot and treatment for obvious parasites.  And, when someone brings in a cat with a minor health problem — such as a bite wound or eye infection — we can often help with the treatment cost, so the cats can go home in better shape than when they came in.  For some of these cats, the voucher visit may be the only time they see a vet and we’d like them to benefit as much as possible while they’re there.

Please call us if you have any questions about the registration process — we look forward to adding your clinic to our network.

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