2021 Free Cat Spay/Neuter Vouchers

“I want to thank you for your help spaying my beloved companion. I love her
and hope to have her for many years.”

Alicia, Belen, NM

If you need financial help to fix your indoor companion cat, call us at 505-466-1676 to complete a phone application.  If it is approved, we will mail you a voucher you can use at participating veterinary clinics for a free spay or neuter including the extra charges for pregnant, in-heat, or inguinal cryptorchid surgeries.  In addition to covering the surgery, the vouchers also pay the full cost of a brief day-of-surgery exam, post-op pain medication, and rabies vaccination. Many, but not all, clinics will also include a free FVRCP vaccination, microchip, and treatment for any visible parasites on the day of surgery.

Caregiver Eligibility
  • You live in New Mexico within an hour’s drive of a participating veterinary clinic.
  • Your gross household income is under $50,000 per year and the market value of your property is under $300,000. Household includes all adults living at the same physical address.
  • Your total number of companion cats (fixed and not fixed) is 4 or fewer and you are complying with municipal and landlord pet regulations.
  • If you have applied for vouchers before, you used them, fully cooperated with us and the clinic you utilized, and still have the cats listed on your earlier applications.
Cat Eligibility
  • Your cat is at least 12 weeks old, socialized to people, has lived with you for at least 2 weeks, and you intend to keep her permanently as your indoor companion pet.
  • Your cat was found outdoors, adopted person-to-person for free, or was born to your cat.
General Guidelines

Applications should be completed by the head of household where the cat is permanently living.  This would be the primary adult in the home who is the named tenant on the lease or the property owner in county records. Households are limited to a maximum of 4 vouchers (spay/neuter and/or veterinary care) over a 5-year period with no more than 2 spay/neuter vouchers issued over a twelve-month period.