2021 Nonprofit Spay/Neuter Clinic Reimbursement Program

If you operate a non-profit spay/neuter clinic you are already helping many caregivers get their pets fixed. The efficiency of a dedicated clinic not only allows you to schedule many more appointments but also to do the surgeries at a lower cost than traditional veterinary clinics can.

And yet, if you are charging the caregivers for the surgeries, even at a reduced rate, you may be missing a significant number of people that still cannot afford the cost. Or, if they can afford it for one cat and they have many, the cumulative cost is outside their budget.   They may fix one cat but wait on the others until they save up more money. And in the meantime, their unfixed cats may continue to reproduce adding more stress for the caregivers and more kittens to the already crowded adoption pool. Similarly, caregivers of outdoor yard, barn, or feral cats will feed and shelter them, but are often reluctant to invest in their veterinary care at any price.

If instead, you were to provide free cat spay/neuter, you could reach all caregivers. Anyone in your service area that wanted to fix their cat could. And that is what our Reimbursement Program is all about. Instead of billing each caregiver for their cat spay or neuter, you bill us, and we reimburse you monthly for the surgeries. This allows both of us to better serve the community, lowers shelter intake, stems the growth of feral cat colonies, and most importantly helps loved cats keep their homes long-term. And it helps us reach the cats our Spay/Neuter Voucher Program does not:  yard cats, barn cats, feral cats, and those living outside our service area.


New Mexico non-profits who operate licensed spay/neuter clinics are welcome to submit a proposal.

Covered Services

We tailor the covered services to individual clinic practices but typically include a brief pre-surgery exam, the full cost of the surgery, and rabies vaccination. Other services may include a microchip, FVRCP vaccination, and treatment for visible parasites.

General Guidelines

Inquiries should be made by phone or e-mail.