2021 Veterinary Care Vouchers

“From the deepest place in my heart, I thank you for providing Malaika’s
veterinary care when she was ill.  She is now 100% better. I don’t care to think
about what I would have done without your help.”

– Karen, Santa Fe, NM

We use this program mostly in conjunction with our free spay/neuter vouchers.  A cat goes in to be fixed and during the brief pre-surgical exam the doctor notices a minor medical condition that can easily be treated at the same time. They simply e-mail us a photo of the cat and an estimate and if we can help, we e-mail back a veterinary care voucher to cover the extra cost. This can prevent a minor treatable condition from developing into something more serious and expensive later.

We may also help if your cat is already fixed and needs non-emergency medical care for a minor condition costing less than $300 to treat.  You can apply for assistance by calling us at 505-466-1676 on weekdays. These vouchers do not cover foods, common ailments treatable with over-the-counter products, chronic conditions, procedures requiring anesthesia or end-of-life care or euthanasia, administrative clinic fees, or service charges.

Covered Services

Examples of covered services include:

  • Initial diagnostic exam.
  • Minor lab work including targeted blood work and urinalysis.
  • X-rays and in-house ultrasounds.
  • Wound treatment.
  • Fluid therapy.
  • Acute care medications such as antibiotics and eye ointments.
  • Follow-up appointment within 10 days of initial appointment.
Caregiver Eligibility

Eligibility requirements are the same as for the spay/neuter voucher program but, in addition, the applicant must be a food stamp recipient.

Cat Eligibility

Eligibility requirements are the same as for our spay/neuter voucher program, but, in addition, the cat must have already been sterilized or is at the vet clinic being sterilized at the same time.

General Guidelines

Applications should be completed by the head of the household where the cat is permanently living. This would be the primary adult in the home who is the named tenant on the lease or the property owner in county records. Households are limited to a maximum of 4 vouchers (spay/neuter and/or veterinary care) over a 5-year period with no more than 1 veterinary care voucher issued over a twelve-month period.