Veterinary Clinic Registration – Voucher Programs

If you are like many vet clinics, you receive calls from caregivers wanting to fix their cats, but when you quote the charges, they explain they cannot afford it.    They can afford the day-to-day costs of cat care but that is all.  So, the outcome is that you lose a surgery appointment, and the caregiver continues caring for an intact cat.  But as the cat matures their relationship becomes more tenuous.  Sooner or later the spraying, yowling, and kittening become too much, and the cat is abandoned outdoors or relinquished to an over-crowded shelter.  And often she is accompanied by an unplanned litter of kittens.  Not a good situation for anyone.  But, if your clinic participates in our Spay/Neuter Program, a rosier outcome is possible.  You receive the call and refer the caregiver to us for a free voucher.  The surgery can now be scheduled, and you have improved the odds of the cat keeping its indoor home immensely.

We currently work with clinics in eleven New Mexico counties. Through their efforts we provide an average of 1,600 cats with free spay/neuters annually.  The key to this program’s success is that the sterilizations are not only free, but they are done locally.  And that is often as important as the fact they are free.  It is a great way for a clinic to do community service and it brings potential long-term clients into your clinic.  And, the more clinics participating, the more caregivers and cats we can help.

Who We Help

We provide free vouchers for cats living below the spay/neuter radar.  Their caregivers are a diverse group:  college students, young parents, the un-or-underemployed, the disabled and seniors living on fixed incomes.  Their homes crisscross New Mexico.  They live in Albuquerque apartments, Santa Fe Pueblos, on the Taos Mesa and in Roswell mobile home parks.  They live in student and government housing and some in areas so remote they lack an address.  But, as varied as they are, they share a common bond.  They all love their cats.

Covered Services

The best part of our focusing free spay/neuter vouchers only on indoor pet cats is that it allows you to provide them with much the same level of service that cats brought in by their caregivers typically receive.  The vouchers cover a pre-surgery exam, the sterilization surgery (including pregnant, in-heat or inguinal cryptorchid surgeries), a rabies shot and post-op pain medication.  For clinics who wish to provide more we can also pay for a microchip, FVRCP vaccination and treatment for visible parasites on the day of surgery.  And, if a cat comes in with a minor health problem, we may approve the treatment cost as well with a Veterinary Care Voucher e-mailed to you before the work is done.

How to Register

To register with us, simply fill out the Registration Form and if we can add you to our network, we will be happy to do so.