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Our Grants

Great NonprofitsWith Grass Roots Grants

Our Grass Roots Grants are open to nonprofits working locally to improve the New Mexican quality of life.  Our goal in 2024 is to donate $200,000 per quarter and for Q1 we did just that — issuing grants to 39 nonprofits totaling $199,663.   In 2023, our inaugural year, we had two grant cycles totaling $247,000 in awards.  See list below.

To apply, simply complete and transmit our application and then e-mail a few photos of your program at work for our use in social media. Visit our focus page for more information.

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"We are honored to have you as a partner in our efforts to save New Mexico's native wildlife and the habitats they need to survive."

— New Mexico Wildlife Center

2023-2024 Grass Roots Grants A unique collection of services improving New Mexican life. Click on their names to learn more.

Dig into our pockets to grow your programsOffering basic and targeted grants

A Case Study

Through the Zimmer Feline Foundation we provided free and local spay/neuter to about 45,000 New Mexico cats.  Half were fixed at private vet clinics with spay/neuter vouchers, and the rest were fixed through our partnerships with other nonprofits that either ran high-volume spay/neuter clinics or used them for their surgeries.

These nonprofits simply shifted the cost from the cat caregivers to us. It worked well for everyone — the nonprofits that upgraded their service from low-cost to free, the caregivers who could not afford spay/neuter before even at the reduced cost, and for us by doubling the number of cats we would reach.  We’ve now converted these partnerships to our Grass Roots Grants program.

Targeted Grants

The spay/neuter grants are a good example of how our targeted grants work.  And they are now available to New Mexico nonprofits working hands on to improve the life, environment and culture in New Mexico.

Basic Grants

If you prefer to seek funding for basic needs, that’s fine too — they’re smaller grants but have simpler reporting requirements.

Either way, let us know how we can help make your work even more responsive than it already is. For qualifications visit Our Focus page.

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With over 11,000 New Mexico nonprofits to choose from, your application is the only way to ensure you’re included in our selection pool. Because your work is important, we don’t want to overlook it.

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